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The best way to earn in the
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The best way to earn in the football industry



FootballTeam is a multiplayer sports game. A revolutionary online football player`s manager, where the teams consist of real players on a social relationship basis.

In FootballTeam's affiliate program, you will earn without leaving home. It is a comprehensive system that offers an opportunity to make income without investing your own money.

Some FootballTeam facts

  • There are 40 people working on the development of the game, that includes developers, graphic designers and the marketing team. On average, new content is implemented in the game every 2-3 months.
  • The game's first server was set up in Poland. The player base grew rapidly and hit over 500,000 registered users.
  • FootballTeam was recently introduced to the US and EU market. New servers were opened on the 5th of December 2022, making it a great opportunity to promote the game, since not many people are aware of the game.
  • You can enjoy over 11,000 voice commentaries recorded by professional BBC sports commentators during football matches.
  • A collection of 360 animated cards has been created in the game. Those cards represent famous players.

What is FootballTeam?

  • FootballTeam is a football game in which you're a part of a team of real players!
  • Create your footballer, control your line-up and play with friends & live players from all over the world on a desktop or mobile device browser (iOS/Android).
  • Take full control: join a club or become a manager and train your footballer. All choices belong to you.
  • Active participation of a manager and his team determines the triumph or failure of each match - it's more than just a football manager game.

Earning with FootballTeam in 4 simple steps


Free account

You create a completely free account in which you can find the crucial information and necessary tools needed for earning.

Unique link

Generate your unique affiliate link - we will be keeping track of all the actions taken by the people that you have brought to us, such as registrations, purchases or player activity.


You begin to promote the game. You can use your own website or YouTube channel, Facebook group or internet forum. It's up to you to decide what will be your method of acquiring new users.

Earn money

You can withdraw all of the money that you have earned conveniently without leaving home! The transfers are realized with the same rules for everyone, once in a month onto the bank account or via PayPal.

How will you earn broo?

We are using the efficiency settlement model CPS (Cost Per Sale) i.e., remuneration for the purchase made by the customer.

This model is used by the largest affiliate programs and investment platforms such as Amazon or Aliexpress.

Your remuneration is a percentage value of the order placed by the customer.

It is a perfect promotion model for bloggers, vloggers and websites that have high-quality content with an engaged audience.

Join the best!

We are working with the largest YouTube channels.
You can trust our experience.

The best football-based camapaign
Multidimenstional benefits

An outstanding and fresh product is a guarantee of an effective campaign - promoting FootballTeam is a pure pleasure.

A good offer of the affiliate program is the most important. After all, you will earn from it. In the FootballTeam Partnership Program, we offer only high earning rates and a product that is both innovative and effective. This ensures that players will be attracted to it. The effective model means that earnings are virtually unlimited, and transactions do not require verification.
Publisher icon

The Publisher

After becoming our publisher, the smile won't disappear from your face. You will be happy to see subsequent transactions coming onto your account. The appetite comes with eating, and because of that, we reward generously for every transaction. The cash rates will be growing - the more people join the game with your recommendation, the higher your commission will be. FootballTeam Partnership Program can support you and your family.
Advertiser icon

The Advertiser

As advertisers, we are in a comfortable situation because we are paying for effects and not just for signing up. Our company is able to develop thanks to your users who are willing to make purchases. It allows us to not burn budgets on campaigns that aren't profitable. Instead, you are the one that provides high-quality traffic for us, which you are paid for.
Customer icon

The Customer

The customer is happy because they receive a new, fresh product that he was looking for a long time, and they receive it thanks to you - straight under his nose. He got interested in a starter promotion or promotional video? That`s great! Or maybe you are an internet idol? FootballTeam is a place where you can interact with your fans. Set up the club and invite the audience to play with you. Being an idol is a responsible task, and the smile of people who adore you while playing together is your merit.

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